975 Chicane Tape

Chicane Tape is the revolutionary masking tape, has a series of features that make it unique and different from other products present on the market. It is characterized by an adhesive part on opposite sides and allows to separating the gaskets and seal the joints at the same time; furthermore, the pre-cuts allow adapting the length of the tape to the dimensions of the surface to be masked, facilitating the work. It has a central PVC reinforcement, which allows greater pressure to be exerted on the gaskets without losing flexibility and ensuring a well-defined detachment. The masking tape Chicane is also easy to place and remove, it can withstand temperatures up to 80 ° C, so it is suitable for working in the spray booth, leaving no residue.

All these features represent a series of advantages, including:
• reducing masking times up to half;
• separates the gaskets and seals the joints at the same time, thus eliminating the need for other materials such as masking foam tape or the typical masking tape;
• and last, but particularly relevant, is the fact that with the Chicane masking tape the paint does not penetrate inside the vehicle and paint cut-off lines blend in seamlessly making them invisible.


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